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The BackBulb is Carmel Orchid Society's monthly newsletter.

2024 Publications
February 2024 BackBulb

February program: John OConnell on "Sex, Deceit, and Abandonment, the Secret Lives of Orchids Revealed!"

January 2024 BackBulb

January program: Ron McHatton on "Everything You Wanted to Know About Pots and Potting Media"

2023 Publications
December 2023 BackBulb

December program: Annual COS Holiday Party

November 2023 BackBulb

November program: Fall Orchid Market

October 2023 BackBulb

October speaker: Ken Jacobsen on Laelia anceps

September 2023 BackBulb

September program: COS Fall Potluck

August 2023 BackBulb

August speakers: Roland & Leslie Chan on Organic Fertilizer and Pest Control

July 2023 BackBulb

July program: Greenhouse Tour at Brookside Orchids in Portola Valley

June 2023 BackBulb

June speaker: Mitch Schneider on "Kaleidoscope of Colors, Breeding with Cattleya Horace ‘Maxima’"

May 2023 BackBulb

May speaker: Deric Wenzler on "The Great Variety of Orchids That Can Be Grown Outside in Our Area"

April 2023 BackBulb

April speakers: John OConnell & Carolyn Salmon give a Repotting Demonstration

March 2023 BackBulb

March speaker: Michael Tibbs on "Disas, Flowers of the Rainbow"

February 2023 BackBulb

February speaker: John OConnell on "Variety is the Spice of Life"

January 2023 BackBulb

January speaker: Ron McHatton on "Everything You Wanted to Know About Pots and Potting Media"

2022 Publications
December 2022 BackBulb

No December meeting due to the holidays

November 2022 BackBulb

No November meeting due to Thanksgiving and our Fall Orchid Market

October 2022 BackBulb

October speaker: Mary Gerritsen

September 2022 BackBulb

No September meeting due to Labor Day

August 2022 BackBulb

August speaker: Joe Parker

June 2022 BackBulb

June speaker: Atsuko Veio

May 2022 BackBulb

May speaker: Nicholas Rust

April 2022 BackBulb

April speaker: Tanya Lam

March 2022 BackBulb

March speaker: Scott Collins; 2022 POE

February 2022 BackBulb

February program: A Tour of the Huntington Orchid Collection

January 2022 BackBulb

January speakers: John OConnell, Carolyn Salmon

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