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Orchid people love to talk about orchid culture, how they grow a particular plant, how do you get rid of (insert pests name), and don't even get some people started on the topic of fertilizers. In the distant past you got this information 1st hand from talking to people or reading books and magazines. Talking to people is still an excellent way to get this information, but the Internet has largely eclipsed the printed word. So these pages are our way to try to distribute our accumulated wisdom of what works here in the Monterey area. Just remember advice, like politics, is local. What works indoors in the Midwest won't work outdoors in southern Florida or California. Your local conditions, climate, growing situation, experience, and temperament will effect the advice you get, or give. So with the disclaimer out of the way....

General Advice

Tips on equipment and techniques

Advice on Specific Plants

Cymbidiums, Pleurothallids, Cattleyas and more...


Slugs, snails, bugs and more.

How to Find out Anything About Orchids

Resources for orchid growers

Sources or more Information

We welcome your tips, tricks, links, etc. email John to tell the world how you grow.

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